web design

Chicago-based Yriver builds clear, easy and beautiful websites. Whether you are a musician, a coach or a veterinarian, Yriver can build you a custom site with the easy to use Contao Content Management System. Because it's an open source system it will save you money!

travel plans

Yriver also creates custom trips for businesses, organizations and governments. If you'd like a specialized tour through the city, need to find out what makes Chicago so special or would like to meet interesting people: Yriver will make your visit to Chicago unforgettable!

web design

Custom Design

Yriver specializes in custom Contao design and development. Contao is an open source CMS: free software to manage the content of your website without having to be a technician.

Mobile Compatibility

Sites designed by Yriver are compatible throughout mobile devices like Android OS, iPhone and iPad. We don't use Adobe Flash in any of our designs so photos or videos are viewable on all devices.

CSS3 & HTML 5 Coding

All sites are developed with the latest markup in HTML5 and CSS3. Websites are designed to be viewed properly across all popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Search Engine Optimization

Sites need to be developed and optimized to be easily found by Google. Yriver makes sure that the meta tags, keywords and link structure are properly configured.


travel plans

If you're coming to Chicago and you would like to have a specialized tour or want to meet interesting new people, Yriver can help. With an ever-growing network Yriver can help you find the right person or the right place for the right meeting.

Whether you work for a businesses, a (local) government or a non-profit organization: Yriver creates your custom tour through the city. You book the airline ticket and the hotel (suggestions available) and Yriver will help you with everything else.



Why web design?
- The story begins in 2008 when I started my own company. Back then I had been working in radio for almost 20 years and I wanted to do something different. I already had experience in creating websites from the early years of the world wide web in the mid 90's. So I started to catch up on my knowledge of HTML, CSS, CMS systems and I learned PHP.

Why travel plans?
- I have always been interested in (big) cities and its architecture. I walked, biked and drove around this city many many times and showed this beautiful metropole to numerous visitors. In 2017 I was asked by a governmental organization in The Netherlands to create a special program for its visitors. Since this was a huge success I decided to broaden my business and to help people enjoy the known and unknown parts of Chicago.

Why Yriver?
- In 2008 I lived in Amsterdam and named my company 'Studio IJhaven' after the small harbour ('haven') that could be overlooked from my home. The harbour is a part of the river IJ ('Y') that runs through the city. When we moved to Chicago in 2013 I noticed that the letter Y is a symbol for the Chicago River. The north and south branch together with the main branch form the letter Y. If you look closely you see the letter Y everywhere, like in the logo of the Chicago Theatre down on State Street. So from 'Studio Yhaven' to 'Yriver' was really a small step.

Why Chicago?
- My husband works for a Dutch company with the head office in Amsterdam. In 2013 he was asked by his manager to join the Chicago team. Since it's possible to work wherever there's a computer and internet, I decided to join him and experience life in the U.S.


Sander Ottes
Located on the North Shore of Chicago, IL

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